Ahmed Amer


Posted in on May 10, 2014

Unique, Zolaesque, Atomic, Amiable, Ancestral, Ancient, Spiritual Stargazer, Standout, Caring, Unforgettable, Inspiring, Intelligent yet simple minded, Spontaneous, Adventurous, Psychedelic yet sane but one who embraces insanity as genius, yes I’m crazy which is no more than misled curiosity often landing me in trouble with those who only see with the eyes, big and loud who likes to sing with a crowd and if u don’t like to play then please step out of my way, don’t judge just appreciate an artist in bloom.

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This is definitely not a typical “airline reservation and hotel room booking website”. Instead, it’s a memorable collection of traveler’s personal experiences with cultures, people, and all sorts of places they have visited. Wanderlust Crunch is the place for you to be engaged in broad global discussions of historical, political, and socioeconomic realities that provides relevant information to you travelers.

Our mission is to act as a link that connects travelling bloggers from all over the world onto this platform to share their passion in writing, telling stories, and literally in inspiring other travelers to a whole new aspect of the world through a blogger’s eyes.

Wanderlust Crunch provides complete resources about Travel places, amazing destinations, and off the beaten track experiences from globe trotters that are featured in articles about Travel destinations worldwide.

We are fun and informal, with a barrel of whimsical tone team that aspire to make your dream vacatio

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