Mariana Vergara

United States

Posted in on April 2, 2014

A Miami fashion & personal blogger, with a love for life and the latest trends. I’m Mariana, You’ll always find me with a smile, positive energy & lets not forget a radiant pair of shoes. I’ve diagnosed myself with a chronic case of shopholicism. I’ve always believed that confidence comes from within but the way you dress can help drastically. My style varies depending on my mood & the day. The way I dress is an outlet I use to express myself. I’m a sucker for romantic movies,lazy Sundays, and cuddling with my true love…. My Yorkie Terrier Tommy. I relieve my stress at the place I call my second home.. The mall! I’m an Aspiring PR & soon resident of Paris. I created Styling By Queen M as a way of communicating to my friends, family, & maybe even world my passion for style. I’m beyond excited to be embarking on this journey that I hope you follow along (Literally!)

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