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Posted in on May 25, 2014

I am a seasoned blogger and author – including two books on dementias, Alzheimer’s Disease, caregiving and practical education – as well as a volunteer who supports and helps people just like you who have either been diagnosed with a type of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease or loves and cares for someone with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease.

I was alone without any practical and workable resources when I began this journey with my mom in earnest in 2008. I didn’t have time to read the missives like “The 36-Hour Day,” which even when I skimmed it didn’t seem to have any relevance to what I was experiencing first-hand, so I educated myself and made learning about and dealing with these diseases, while showing my mom love and respect and compassion my mission in life.

Mom died August 14, 2012. This blog and my books are, in part, her legacy and they are my way of paying my experience forward.

GoingGentleIntoThatGoodNight's Blog

I offer first-hand experience and real-world, practical, “in-the-moment” information about dementias, Alzheimer’s Disease, and caregiving. This is information you and your loved ones who’ve been diagnosed can actually use. It’s unique information that I have taken the time to learn and research while going through this journey with my mom.

This is not theory. It’s not written by someone who studied it in post-graduate education, but has never actually lived it. This is the information that will preserve the dignity, the respect, and the quality of life of your loved ones, while helping you with practical, loving and effective strategies to help them and preserve your own health and sanity.

Going Gentle Into That Good Night