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Posted in on July 15, 2014

Hi, let me introduce myself, My name is Samuel Argaputra , a self-taught papermodel designer. I also works as an model aircraft Hobbyst. Paper modeling is my hobby since 2005. from Aviation magazine “Majalah Angkasa” which bring me deeper into this hobby. i saw readers sent their designs to that magazine and published by them in the middle page. So, i want to design my own and send it to them but the magazine stop publishing paper models. in 2010 my first design was created, and my friend Julius Perdana who helped me published it on the news column at his website. Now the show must go on and i will frequently share you my project to the scale modelling world. :)

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Established in 2011. we are starting to make something new that the others maybe not create about it.
ARTON|PM founded by Samuel Argaputra at Bandung as the brand of papermodel productions. we create paper models based on our documentations and tons of our technical datas which are priceless value.
At the same time we used many contacts from domestic and foreign relations. We are not stand alone producting, we need support from you that keep us still sharing you the craft. lot of Thanks from many modellers who helped by share with us about technical and friendship.